Reiki is the Japanese word for life energy or life force. It may not be surprising that everyone alive carries life energy within. Perhaps you are more familiar with the Chinese word – Chi or Qi – or the term used in yoga practice: Prana. Our life energy is influenced by our life and all that happens in it. There are numerous ways to replenish your energy and one of them is enjoying a reiki session. Since I finished my Reiki course (1st and 2nd degree),  I am grateful to be able to offer those sessions.

During a session you lay down on the reiki table [basically that’s the same as a massage table]. For several minutes, I will place my hands on a number of positions on your body. Note that you are fully dressed during a reiki session and that I also give you the option to cover you with a blanket. During the session your energy will be replenished and your physical, mental and emotional balance will be boosted. At times you will clearly feel sensations in your body, other times you may not feel much – it is all good.

For many persons a reiki session is a way to indulge complete relaxation. After a reiki session you are very likely to experience increased body awareness, to enjoy a peaceful, calm mind, and to feel a strong energy. In addition, in result of the complete relaxation you will experience during the session and afterwards, your body is in the best position to recover itself. The reiki supports that process of recovery.

Reiki involves no risks whatsoever. Everybody, also children, can experience a reiki session and benefit from it.

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