yin yoga

Yin yoga is a very tranquil yoga, focused on going inward as well as on softening the body. In yin yoga we relax our muscles and focus on our breathing. Boring? On the contrary! And yes, it is a true body exercise. In yin yoga we mostly work with seated postures. Of course, each class is closed with a nourishing, relaxing savasana. I will guide you into those postures and music will support you as well. For the online live stream classes I create thematic Spotify playlists that are sent to you upon registration for a class.

During a yin yoga class you become highly aware of your body, of your respiration and the power of your breathing. You gain insight in what is happening under the surface. As a bonus, you will experience increased flexibility of body and mind, a leave with the knowledge that you can basically breathe through each life situation on your path.

Yin yoga is suitable for every human being that has a body and that is able to breathe. So most likely also for you. In every class alternative poses are suggested to make the practice fit for everybody.

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