public speaking

How you feel about public speaking reveals how you feel about yourself. The more confident you feel about yourself, the easier it becomes to express yourself in front of another person or group of persons. This is why my trainings on public speaking are more than just a training in technical presentation skills that enable you to confidently, convincingly and graciously drop your message.

During this training we reach beyond the regular presentation skill trainings by not only addressing merely technical skills -such as use of voice, verbal language, and body language – but also touching upon topics such as self-esteem, values and validation, and mindset.

I offer offline and online group trainings and one-on-one trainings. Trainings are tailor-made and aim to address the key topics for bringing a convincing message, amongst which:

> use of voice and breath
> verbal language and choosing your words
> body language
> visual support and props
> phrasing a message
> connecting and engaging with the audience
> making your authenticity your super power.

individual in-depth quick-fix sessions

For those who are not interested in taking a complete training, but who want advice or specifically focused coaching on a concrete presentation, I offer individual quick-fix sessions (both online or on location). The sessions take 60 minutes in which we directly get in action to improve your presentation. and your mindset about it.