about the label

Our clothes and textiles come with a laundry tag, our devices with a manual, our toiletry and medicines with an instruction leaflet, but are we actually aware of how to take care of ourselves on a deeper level?

values & needs

Considering the way we live life in our current society, it is worthwhile to take a moment to contemplate on what you really need to stay healthy, happy and grounded. As every human being has their own story, history, challenges and dreams, nobody is more capable of knowing what your values and needs are than you yourself.

However, we usually do not grow up with a crystal clear idea about our authentic values and needs, and we surely are not provided with the tools to actually explore, recognize and define them.

Oftentimes we unconsciously copy our teachers and we rely on what others tell us to be. We try to meet expectations that parents, teachers and society impose upon us. We tend to feel validated only when others are satisfied with us and our achievements: we become dependent of external validation.

Consequently, we risk drifting away from our internal validation. However in fact internal validation – not to be mistaken with egoism or egocentricity – is all that truly matters to living a fulfilling and happy life.

good news

The good news is that it is never too late to engage in discovering or reformulating our values and needs, either in general or in relation to more specific challenges, such as public speaking, lack of confidence or self-esteem, or the the experience of physical stress.

The other good news is that many challenges can be overcome by adopting the right mindset. And even more good news: our mindsets can be reset with the right tools.

care tag is the mindset label that supports you in adapting your mindset, taking new perspectives and overwriting outdated patterns. The diverse services offered under this label are designed to clarify your values and needs, and they provide you with the tools that will help you to make most out of your life experience and, with that, to inspire the people around you.

It thrills me to offer the services under this label to support you in becoming the next level version of yourself.

Take care,


about me

My name is Irene Aronstein. I was born in 1986, have way too many passions to list here, and I regularly take a plunge in the (figurative – I don’t like swimming) deep end to explore, to learn and to grow and expand. I studied Law. Since my graduation in 2010 (cum laude) I have been working, with pleasure, as a lecturer and researcher at a Dutch university. In addition, I teach post-graduate courses to practicing lawyers and judges.

In December 2019 I defended my PhD in the field of private law and European Union law. Besides enjoying the brainwork at the university, it truly fulfills me to work with people from the heart, supporting them in their personal development in diverse aspects of (daily) life. My aim is to encourage and empower people to become the next level version of themselves.

With care tag | the mindset label I strive to fulfil that aim as much as I possibly can.

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