cacao ceremonies

On 14 November 2021 I am back in the Netherlands for an exclusive cacao ceremony at a beautiful location in Arnhem, In this ceremony we combine the heart-opening power of ceremonial cacao with the connecting and grounding power of yin yoga.

The ceremony is exclusive, small-scale and intimate; I can host maximum 10 participants. Needless to say that the ceremonies fully comply with the current regulations regarding Covid-19.

Some people wonder whether a cacao ceremony is just a bunch of crazy hippies drinking hot chocolate. It is not. Ceremonial cacao (not to be confused with chocolate) is a very potent plant medicine which has a strong effect on the cardio-vascular system.

Cacao is rich in theobromine, which translates to “food of the Gods”. Cacao ceremonies are usually focused on the heart space, on cultivating connection with oneself and with others. This is best understood by the experience itself, which is truly nourishing, grounding, soothing and just hmmm delicious!

There are many diverse cacao ceremonies. Although always expanding and exploring new things, I focus primarily on combining the practice of yin yoga with music and the heart-opening beauty of cacao.

I brew the cacao in a traditional way at home. Ceremonial cacao is not quite like Nesquick or Chocomel; it is so much richer and purer as it is all about maintaining the amazing properties of the plant.

If you’re curious…

Ticket price for a ceremony of 2.5 hours | € 45

Location: Arnhem