Our clothes and textiles come with a laundry tag, our devices with a manual, our toiletry and medicines with an instruction leaflet, but are we actually aware of how to take care of ourselves in every context of our life? What are your values and needs and how can you align your daily life and behaviour to them?

care tag is the mindset label that supports you in adapting your mindset, taking new perspectives and overwriting outdated patterns. The diverse services offered under this label are designed to clarify your values and needs, and they provide you with the tools that will help you to make most out of your life experience.

mindset game changers

public speaking training

Individual or small group trainings to enhance presentation skills and provide you with hacks to feel confident, comfortable and charismatic for each and every presentation that you will deliver after this training.

meditation & breath

To be able to adjust our mindset in a way that helps you forward, it is necessary to become aware of your current mindset, thoughts and patterns. This is best done by the practice of meditation. I will save you all the scientific information, and I will get you right through it with accessible meditations and breath exercises.


Physical and mental stress is relieved by the practice of yoga. I focus on yin yoga, in which we relax our muscles and focus on our connective tissue and use our breathing as a guide. That’s right: no downward dogs, no warriors, and no headstands. But it is guaranteed that you will exercise your body. Yin yoga is suitable for every human being that has a body and that is able to breathe. So most likely also for you. 

cacao ceremonies

I host and guide monthly cacao ceremonies at MysoreYOGA Arnhem. In the ceremonies we combine the heart-opening magic of ceremonial cacao with the grounding and relaxing practice of yin yoga. I guide the ceremonies with music and live (a capella) singing.


After a reiki session you are very likely to experience increased body awareness, to enjoy a peaceful, calm mind, and to feel energized. In addition, in result of the complete relaxation you will experience during the session and afterwards, your body is in the best position to recover itself. Reiki supports this process of recovery.

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